Educational Leader and Coach, supporting current and former educators to find answers to three questions:

Who am I?

What’s next?

How do I achieve work life balance?

What I do

Personal Identity Coaching

Restoring self confidence, building strategies to address fears and blocks, exploring your sense of self, your values and your purpose. Helping to develop courage, resourcefulness and a sense of exploration, to see beyond doubt and fear.

Business mentoring and training

Developing skills with different tools to enhance business activities, to support business growth and to become strategic in their thinking about their business. Practical approaches to support the streamlining of your business.

In 2019, after twenty five years, I exited the classroom. Or rather, I exited the education system. Essentially, forty one of my years had been spent inside educational establishments, first as a student, then as a trainee and then as a teacher.

I love teaching, still do, and there was nothing better for me than engaging with my students, building trust and pushing through their barriers with them. A light bulb moment would absolutely make my day.

I progressed – Head of Year, Head of Department, Assistant Head, SENCO, Deputy Head. I gained my NPQH in 2009 and my NASENCO PGCert in 2015. I’ve supported countless, wonderful NQTs and middle leaders to progress to their next level and I’m deeply proud of where so many of these colleagues progressed to.

The circumstances of my exit from the system were brutal and I was, without any doubt, utterly broken. I couldn’t see what I was going to do, I couldn’t bear the thought of ever going back into a school. I was convinced that we would lose our house, I panicked as my son was at university and the student loan company assessment of my income had already been done. A thousand and one negative thoughts consumed me and I, for the second time in a few short months, considered that the world would be better without me in it.

Two years on, I find myself in a different place. Physically, I can manage the chronic pain that I have lived with for most of my adult life, because my stress levels are low. I sleep better because I no longer experience that awful churning in the pit of my stomach when I thought of going into work and, although I still have a long ‘to-do’ list, it’s mine and I control how much I do and when I do it. My mental health is good and I have the time and the space to take care of it, every day. My sense of self has returned because I know and understand my personal values and also my worth.

Don’t get me wrong, I have to work on myself daily and there are days where I still hear the voices of my inner critics, opening the door to imposter syndrome and asking me “Who on earth do you think you are?” – but now I have the tools and the strategies to address those voices in a way that I was never able to address the real critics in my working life.

The things that have brought me to this place are coaching and also that I have surrounded myself with strong friends who mentor, guide and challenge me to be who I really am at my core.

I’m travelling the road, my recovery has been strong and my own experience is what helps me to help my clients.

If you are looking for a supportive, nurturing and motivational coach, to stand beside you and guide you, to stand behind you to support you and to stand in front of you to call you forward, get in touch.