1 to 1 Coaching

A bespoke, personalised pathway to identify what is holding you back or keeping you stuck where you are right now. Designed with you, following a discovery call, to address the areas where you want to focus – whether that is career, life, setting up a business, achieving work/life balance etc. Helping you to develop the courage, resourcefulness and your inner explorer so that you can see and achieve the potential you have.

How it works:

Discovery Call to explore whether coaching is the right ‘next step’ for you and whether I am the right coach for you.

12 hour programme over 3 months with:

12 x 1 hour 1 to 1 sessions via Zoom

Exercises/Resources to support you between sessions

Access to direct messaging via the Telegram app in between sessions.

Cost: £1250 (payment terms available)

Get in touch to request a Discovery Call.

Group Coaching

A structured programme designed to help you uncover the answer to the questions “Who am I?” and “What’s next?”

Helping you to address self doubt, feelings of imposter syndrome, feeling trapped or stuck because of financial concerns or not knowing what else you can do, feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, loss of confidence, fear and worry.

How it works:

Discovery Call to explore whether group coaching is the right step for you and also whether I am the right coach for you.

10 hour programme over 12 weeks (2 ‘pause’ weeks included)

Exercises and resources to support your development between and beyond sessions.

Fortnightly personal feedback

Dedicated Facebook group to share learning, ask questions and provide mutual support to group members.

Access to direct messaging between sessions via the Telegram app.

Cost: £350

Get in touch to request a Discovery Call and to be added to the Waiting List for the next group programme.

Case Studies

Karen L

Many teachers lack self-belief, thinking that they are “not good enough” and never have the confidence to commit to finding their dream role or venturing out on their own.  As a result, they never reach their full potential, lose their sense of self and personal value and become frustrated or disillusioned with their circumstances.  

Karen engaged with me on a 12 week 1 to 1 coaching programme and as result she has more confidence in herself and what she can do, she has reconnected to the values that brought her into teaching in the first place and she has identified how she can build her future with herself and her values at the heart of what she does.  

Karen is now building her own business, with education and supporting families at heart, with a clear sense of purpose, direction and a plan.

Bev W

For so many teachers, the security of the job is a key factor in keeping them stuck, tying them to a role that is comfortable and safe, locked into a narrative that impacts negatively on their lives.  As a result, they become unhappy, stressed and even begin to worry about simply going into work, because they are no longer fulfilled or enjoy their work.

Bev chose to work with me on a 12 hour programme, broken into 3 1 hour face to face sessions and a full day working together on her business and practical aspects to support its development.

Bev has gained insight and clarity about the factors that motivate and drive her, has explored her dreams and goals for her life and her work and as a result, is now forging ahead with creating her own business, that will create security for herself and her family on her own terms.

Louise N

“I don’t know what my options are” is a factor that teachers regularly say holds them back from moving out of their current roles.  They don’t know where to start, what to look for and their self talk more often than not will lead to a sense of overwhelm and fear, they lose their courage, so they do not act to explore the possibilities.  As a result, they remain stuck in an environment or role that no longer motivates or inspires them, or they move to something similar only to find they are experiencing the same problems, just in a different environment.

Louise’s work on the 1 to 1 programme supported her in identifying the behavioural blocks that were causing her fears, enabling her to rediscover her courage, to develop the inner resources she needed to be able to explore her options, with confidence and a renewed sense of self belief.