Why did you choose to work with me?

“I chose to work with Sarah as I was totally inspired by all she has achieved in creating and developing the supportive Facebook Group for teachers. Since being in the group, I have seen the way she has commented on members’ posts and offered invaluable advice and support, whether it be emotional or practical advice, because of her focus on helping teachers regain confidence and find a new path.”

” I needed to work with someone who totally understood the teaching world and the impact it has on you. I also like that you have a calm and caring approach and a focus on mental wellbeing. I didn’t want one of those “I’ll call a spade a spade and kick you into action” coaches. I needed a gentler approach and your approach is kind and nurturing.”

What was our focus?

“We worked together on developing my tutoring business. Sarah made it clear from the start that I was in control of the way the sessions were organised. She asked me questions about what my aims were, thus ensuring we started from my needs. There was great flexibility in the sessions and I liked the fact that it wasn’t a fixed programme and that I could decide what I wanted to cover.”

“Practical business skills such as social media and booking systems, work flow etc, but also who I am, what I believe in and how I identify myself. Sarah would always ask what I wanted to cover and would also make her own suggestions of structure. Kind encouragement and practical support has really helped my development.”

When did you start to see the benefits of working with me?

“I had already previously completed a lot of work on developing a positive mindset, so I thought I was ready to just get going with my business. It wasn’t until we started discussing certain issues that I realised there were still some issues I needed to still ‘put to bed’. Once we had worked on building up my self esteem, I was ready for my business development. “

“Immediately. I began to feel listened to and more confident as I could put practical learning into practise straight away and see the benefit of it. I look forward to sessions and come away feeling uplifted and positive.”


Facing difficulty with bravery. Discovering your inner strength. Act in alignment with your values and beliefs.


Finding new directions and venturing into the unknown. Seeking to find out more about yourself and what is possible.


Creating your own pathway, being your own resource, knowing that you are everything you need.

A kind and supportive approach. You point out areas for development but do so in a gentle way, supportive way. I love your focus on wellbeing, understanding ourselves and recognising our strengths.

Karen L, Client