This is a question that I ask myself a lot!

At a simple level, I am:

  • Mum and Wife; daughter; sister; the best Aunty in the world.
  • Teacher (26 years)
  • Business owner (Photographer; Coaching and Business Support/Mentoring; Conexus Tuition Trafford South)

Obviously, I’m a bit more than that.

I’m not someone who is going to be remembered for keeping their mouth shut about important things.

I’m a paradoxical introvert – in that I can be extremely extrovert in the right company, but I do really love being by myself.

I’ve spent the last few years fighting to reconnect to the person that became buried in the day to day grind of a job that almost killed me.

I’m building a community to support teachers and other educational professionals, current or who have left, to recover from the damage that they have experienced to their sense of self and potential as a result of working in toxic environments or under toxic leaders.  Come and find us –

Punk/Goth at heart.  Lover of reading, photography, astronomy, history and science.  Eclectic musical tastes. Love live comedy and music.  Rather too fond of cake, coffee, tea and gin.

Dirty laugh, wicked sense of humour, loyal and fiercely protective, generally bonkers and not one to take myself too seriously.

Endometriosis research advocate, fighting/living with invisible illness. Anti-bullying in any form. Working hard to support awareness and activity focusing on improving mental health.

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